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CAMAS, WA – A new video surfaced yesterday showing Congresswoman Perez refusing to acknowledge or apologize for her extreme comments regarding the situation at our border. This comes just as a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll shows 36% of voters believe immigration is “the most important issue facing the country.”

Leslie Lewallen, a Camas City Council Member, former state judicial law clerk and candidate for WA-03, gave the following statement regarding this decision: 

“Congresswoman Perez has spent the last two years ignoring the situation at our southern border and pretending like a crisis doesn’t exist. In fact, one of her first votes as a Member of Congress was to oppose the “Secure the Border Act” which would have secured our border and slowed the flow of fentanyl into our country. Now, with polls showing that voters are very concerned about the border, the Congresswoman is trying to change her tune. The voters in WA-03 deserve so much better in their elected representatives. They need a leader who prioritizes our national security all the time – not just when their reelection is on the line!”