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“I want to give a voice to the people of Southwest Washington!”

CAMAS, WA – Over the weekend, The Columbian reported on Camas City Council Member Leslie Lewallen’s bid for Washington’s Third Congressional District as a Republican, and the grand opening of her new campaign offices in downtown Camas. The report details Lewallen’s deep roots in the district, highlights her fight to empower the voices of southwest Washington, and outlines the main pillars of Lewallen’s campaign and why she is the only candidate that can defeat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in November.

3rd District candidate Leslie Lewallen opens office in Camas

By: Dylan Jefferies, The Columbian

. . . “Late last summer, I entered this race with passion and a vision. In the past six months, we’ve grown from a small group huddled around my kitchen table to a broad and dynamic coalition of supporters determined to reclaim this seat,” Lewallen said in a statement. “In the 2022 primary, over 100,000 voters said ‘no’ to Joe Kent’s extreme positions, and he went on to lose the election in November.”

. . . Lewallen argues that Kent had his chance in 2022. Now, she’s running “for everyday Washingtonians who feel like their voice has been taken from them,” she said.

. . .”I want to give voice to the people of Southwest Washington,” she said. “Anything that silences voters, I am against.”

Lewallen decided to run for Camas City Council at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

. . . “When the schools shut down in 2020, my children fell apart,” the mother of four said. “I saw the people and the values in the country I love just kind of falling apart and disintegrating, and I decided at that point I was going to do something about it.”

Lewallen’s platform focuses on addressing homelessness, addiction and crime while limiting government budgets and promoting sustainability. She said she is running for the next generation so they don’t have to live with the problems that people in Southwest Washington face today.

. . .”Leslie is a true leader,” Camas City Council member and Lewallen supporter Jennifer Senescu said. “She’s more than just a politician. She has deep roots here, and she really cares about the people in this district.”

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