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Maggie’s List Proudly Endorses Leslie Lewallen for Congress in WA-03

CAMAS, WA – Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee (PAC) dedicated to electing fiscally conservative women to office, has endorsed Leslie Lewallen for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District in the Primary Election.

“We are proud to endorse Leslie Lewallen for Congress in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District,” said Maggie’s List Washington Chairman Diane Tebelius. “An already distinguished public servant, her record of service to her fellow Washingtonians demonstrates the dedication to leadership that is desperately needed in our nation’s capital. We trust that her commitment to limited government, fiscal responsibility and strong national security will serve her constituents well once elected to Congress,” Tebelius continued.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Maggie’s List. As a mother, wife and City Council member, I know that this election is a critical one for the voters of WA-03. Southwest Washington needs a leader who will fight for our conservative values in D.C. and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work,” said Lewallen.

“For years, Maggie’s List has been a powerful ally for conservative women seeking office. I am thankful for their support and know that with them on my side, we can win back this seat in November!” Lewallen continued.

About Maggie’s List
Maggie’s List is a Federal Political Action Committee created to raise awareness and funds to increase the number of conservative women elected to federal public office. Since 2010, this group of dedicated women have had an outstanding record for endorsing successful candidates for United States Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. For more information about our candidate training or endorsement process please visit

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Listen: Leslie on the Jason Rantz Show

Listen here to Leslie’s conversation with Jason Rantz about how justice is not truly blind.

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Listen: Leslie on Ari Hoffman (KVI)

Leslie discusses President Trump’s conviction and her campaign platform with Ari Hoffman.

Listen here.

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Listen: Leslie on Lars Larson

Tune in to Leslie on Lars Larson discussing President Trump’s New York trial and the breakdown of our judicial system.

Leslie on Lars Larson discussing the verdict in President Trump’s trial
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Listen: Leslie Lewallen on John Carlson

Listen to Leslie’s insightful discussion with John Carlson about the injustices of President Trump’s trial.

Leslie Lewallen on John Carlson discussing the ruling on President Trump’s trial
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Leslie Lewallen Receives Endorsement from Leaders Across WA-03

CAMAS, WA – Today, the Lewallen for Congress campaign announced that they have received the endorsements of three elected leaders from across Washington’s Third Congressional district. Dennis Weber, Cowlitz County Commissioner; Ramona Leber, Longview City Council member; and Victoria Ferrer, Battleground City Council member have all announced their support for Leslie’s candidacy. 

The support of these civic leaders is yet one more reminder that throughout her campaign, Leslie has managed to build a broad base of support. When asked about why they chose to support Leslie’s candidacy, they all identified her commitment to limited government, her support for improving Washington’s bridges and roads, her focus on addressing the region’s crime and homelessness, and a desire to see the WA-03 congressional seat held by a Republican again as factors that impacted their support. 

When asked about their support, Leslie said: “I am honored to receive the endorsement of these fellow elected officials. Only someone who has won a campaign and been about the business of serving constituents can really understand what it takes to be an effective elected official – which makes these endorsements all the more meaningful. Our state and nation are facing a lot of significant challenges from the crisis at the border, to a failing economy, rising prices and an increase in crime – I look forward to getting to DC, rolling up my sleeves, and working hard to tackle these problems while serving the wonderful citizens of WA-03.”

The Lewallen campaign continues to receive endorsements from a dynamic group of supporters from every walk of life and background- demonstrating, yet again, that Leslie is the best candidate to represent the diverse voters of Southwest Washington. While Marie Gluesenkamp Perez actively votes against the interests of WA-03 constituents, Leslie Lewallen will fight to show voters that there is a better path forward.

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Leslie Lewallen Releases Statement on Trump Verdict

CAMAS, WA – Leslie Lewallen released the following statement on the verdict in President Trump’s hush money trial:

“From day one, this trial has been a political witch-hunt carried out by a liberal DA and judge. They willingly risked the integrity of our judicial system for political gain, and, in the process, dishonored their offices and the oaths they made when they were sworn in. In my opinion, this verdict does nothing to disqualify President Trump from holding office, and I look forward to casting my ballot for him in November.”


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ICYMI: Daily Caller “Trump’s Trial Has Torn Off Lady Justice’s Blindfold”

Leslie Lewallen Pens Op-Ed, Highlighting the Risks Posed by the Highly Political NY Trump Trial

CAMAS, WA – On Wednesday, May 22nd, The Daily Caller an opinion piece by former prosecutor and WA-03 congressional candidate Leslie Lewallen, highlighting the threat posed by the political circus that is unfolding in New York surrounding Donald Trump’s hush money case.

Trump’s Trial Has Torn Off Lady Justice’s Blindfold

“. . .As an attorney, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions what I think of the Trump trial. I have three answers — as an American, as a lawyer and as a former prosecutor and state Supreme Court clerk.

This trial has crossed a line, and all Americans should be concerned. . . .It is a politically motivated witch hunt akin to something you’d expect to see in Soviet Russia.

This case was brought by a Democratic New York district attorney before a judge whose broad gag orders and questionable rulings create serious doubts about his impartiality. These dubious rulings are further undermined by the fact that the judge is a Joe Biden donor with a daughter in political fundraising who has raised millions off this trial for Democratic political candidates. 

And who will be deciding the president’s fate? An unbiased jury of his peers? No. A jury selected from a tainted jury pool that votes for Democrats 95 percent of the time. 

For our criminal justice system to work, Lady Justice must be blind; but unfortunately for President Trump, the blindfold has slipped and pure justice has been corrupted by political avarice. If Americans do not stand up and denounce this judicial malfeasance, then a line will be crossed that risks reducing the judicial system to nothing more than a weapon with which to punish one’s political enemies.

As a lawyer, I am very disturbed by the low bar set for this case — it is old and weak. 

. . . At the end of all of this, what is the most probable outcome? . . . this case is primed to be overturned. In fact, it should never have been allowed to get to this point in the first place.

. . . As an attorney and, more importantly, as an American, I am watching the events unfolding in New York and fear that we may be witnessing the corrupting of our judicial system as we know it. Americans must demand that Lady Justice be blindfolded once more, or these trials may become a permanent fixture in American politics. If we succeed in reestablishing impartial justice, all Americans win.”


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Leslie Lewallen Discusses Bridge and Timber for WA-03

CAMAS, WA – On Thursday, May 16th, The Daily News published an article by Brennen Kauffman that highlighted the different positions for each candidate in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District race. The disastrous collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor has put renewed attention on the bridges of Southwest Washington. Leslie Lewallen, as a voting member of the Regional Transportation Commission from 2022-2024, had a front-row seat on this issue, and has been a strong voice for the residents impacted most by the I-5 bridge replacement project. 

Specifically, Leslie has pushed back on bureaucrats’ repeated attempts to tie funding for the bridge to the addition of a light rail system. Washington voters have repeatedly voted down light rail, and the Coast Guard has cautioned against the plan because it pushes the bridge too low in the water. 

When discussing the Lewis and Clark Bridge, Leslie emphasized the importance of completing studies to determine where the bridge is the most vulnerable, and use those results to determine the next steps to mitigating those vulnerabilities. Leslie has also advocated for Southwest Washington to receive a larger share of Washington’s infrastructure monies: “King County gets more of the lion’s share of attention, while down here we have some very critical needs that could use both federal and state tax dollars.”

Beyond the bridges, Leslie has been a vocal proponent of Washington’s timber industry, both for the jobs it provides and the role responsible tree harvesting plays in the overall health of the area’s forests. There has to be a balance between maintaining our forests and keeping them accessible to the public for recreational use. For Leslie, the Nakia Fire underscored the importance of maintaining the forests through the removal of underbrush and older trees – all of which provide fuel for catastrophic forest fires –‘“There’s a liberal misconception that a hands-off approach is the best way to preserve and protect our environment. That’s not based on science or what we see at the local level,’ Lewallen said.”

As the Representative for WA-03, Leslie will work every day to ensure that Southwest Washington’s vital bridges meet the region’s needs, and that the timber industry is supported.   


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ICYMI: The Columbian Publishes Article on WA-03 Poll

CAMAS, WA – On Friday, The Columbian published an article highlighting a poll commissioned by the Lewallen campaign that decisively shows WA-03 Republican voters are looking for candidate options beyond Joe Kent! These numbers reinforce what has long been the message of the Lewallen campaign: Joe Kent’s best shot at winning this seat was in 2022 and he lost. In the two years since his failed race, his name recognition has gone up and his popularity has plummeted. If Republicans want to win back this seat, it’s time to get behind a candidate that can actually beat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez!

Poll Commissioned by Lewallen Campaign Finds Clark County Republicans Eager for Candidates Beyond Kent in Race for 3rd Congressional District

By: Dylan Jefferies, Columbian Staff Writer

A recent poll commissioned by the campaign of 3rd Congressional District candidate Leslie Lewallen, R-Camas, found that Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania, has relatively low-name recognition across the district, and that many Republicans are looking for an alternative to Joe Kent, R-Yacolt.

. . . The survey found that Perez is slightly less known in the district than Kent.

. . .Of those who said they were familiar with Perez and Kent, 38 percent said that they held a favorable opinion of Perez, while 28.8 percent said they held a favorable opinion of Kent.

. . . The survey then introduced Leslie Lewallen as a candidate

. . . Respondents were then asked to vote again as though the Aug. 6 primary were held today, only Lewallen was included

. . . Perez again came out on top with 41.9 percent of the vote. However, Lewallen came in second with 32.1 percent while Kent dropped to 15 percent, leaving 11 percent undecided.