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Leslie Lewallen for Congress Releases New TV Ad: “I Can and I Will”

CAMAS, WA –¬†Over the weekend, the Leslie Lewallen for Congress campaign released its first television ad titled “I Can and I Will” which highlights why Leslie decided to run for Congress and how the Democrats’ policies are bringing Portland’s homelessness, drug dens, and crime to Southwest Washington. Joe Kent had his chance to put an end to all of this, but he lost. Now, Leslie Lewallen is stepping up to put an end to Portland Perez and Joe Biden’s radical agenda that is hurting Washington’s third congressional district.


“Washington families have had enough of the radical left’s agenda which is allowing lethal drugs to flood into our cities and as a result, hurting our communities. Joe Kent had his chance to put an end to this, but he lost and will lose again if he is our nominee. We need to put an end to Portland Perez’s radical agenda, which is why I am stepping up. We need someone in Washington who will put our country first and be a voice for the constituents of the 3rd Congressional district, and that’s exactly what I promise to do,” said Leslie Lewallen.

To learn more about Leslie and her run for Congress, visit here.