A robust economy is at the heart of every thriving community. Leslie is committed to revitalizing our economy to ensure each citizen throughout Southwest Washington can reach their full potential in life. Her experience as a Camas City Councilor underscores her support for fostering a business-friendly environment that assists local businesses, attracts new investments, and creates job opportunities for residents. Revitalizing our economy requires:

-Supporting trade policies that ensure Southwest Washington employers can successfully compete in the global marketplace;

-Investing in critical infrastructure like expanded access to broadband technology and road, rail, and port improvements and maintenance to sustain economic vitality and resilience throughout Southwest Washington;

-Supporting Southwest Washington workforce development initiatives to equip Southwest Washingtonians with the tools they need to support themselves and their families.

Inflation & High Cost of Living

Inflation is crushing Southwest Washington. No one needs to look much further than their utility statements, grocery bills or fuel receipts to know this is a reality for all of us. Leslie believes we all work too hard only to be left with the choice of either filling our gas tanks or filling our kitchen shelves in order to make ends meet. One of the major causes of inflation is the out of control spending by the federal government. Leslie is committed to fiscal responsibility and will fight against reckless spending that threatens all Southwest Washingtonians.

Washington State has the third highest gas prices in the nation, is the fourth most expensive state for groceries, and the eighth most expensive to live in overall. One of the major causes for our high cost of living is the burdensome, out of control, and agenda-driven regulations impacting every aspect of our lives. Leslie will fight to rein in the unelected, unaccountable “fourth branch of government” and work to eliminate agency regulations that provide no value but hit Southwest Washington pocketbooks hard.


All Southwest Washingtonians have the right to feel safe on the streets and in their own homes. Yet, Washington violent crime rates are at historic levels and our state has the highest larceny/theft rate in the United States.  Progressive decriminalization and anti-police policies have recklessly put our safety and security at risk.  As an attorney and former prosecutor, Leslie has firsthand experience in keeping communities safe, and as your Congresswoman she will work to:

-Ensure law enforcement and first responders have the necessary resources, equipment, and training to effectively carry out their mission to protect and serve our communities;

-Support the withholding of federal funding for states that fail to reverse their soft-on-crime policies

-Allocate funding to support mental health and drug addiction support services throughout Southwest Washington to target key root causes of criminal behavior.


America is a country governed by the rule of law.  However, since day one in office, the Biden administration has sought to erode the rule of law by ending Title 42 (Remain in Mexico policy), halting the construction of the border wall, and signing over 90 executive orders in its first 100 days that allow illegal immigrants to enter our country at unprecedented rates.  Over 9 million illegals have entered America under Biden’s tenure. We must secure the border first and then turn our attention to comprehensive immigration reform. Leslie will work to:

-Secure our border;

-Enforce the immigration laws already on the books and reinstate the successful Title 42 Remain in Mexico policy;

-Support federal legislation to address child trafficking to protect innocent children impacted by Biden’s open border policies.


If the Democrats’ goal is to solve the homelessness crisis or simply decrease the homeless population in the United States, it has utterly failed people experiencing homelessness.  It has failed the communities it promised to protect.  And, it has failed the taxpayers who fund the flawed strategies, bad bets, and budgetary mismanagement borne by the ill-conceived and poorly executed Housing First movement.  Southwest Washingtonians deserve better policymaking from its elected officials. It is going to take a holistic, comprehensive, “all of the above” strategy to tackle the homelessness crisis across America and right here in Southwest Washington. Addressing homelessness requires:

-Tying federal funding to results-based programs. If a program is unable to show successful results, then funding for that program must be cut;

-Promoting compassionate efforts to connect our homeless with quality of life services that offer hope, an opportunity to better help themselves, and eventually enable them to accept and keep housing when they are offered it.

Mental Health & Drug Addiction

Addiction is a disease, and people with mental health struggles need help, not jail time. Leslie will be honest, open and transparent with Southwest Washington and advocate for practical, common-sense policies that deliver cost-effective results.  To combat the rising mental health epidemic, Leslie will take action to:

-Support legislation that ensures reliable access to full range of support services:  substance abuse treatment, mental/behavioral/trauma health services, job training and educational support and effective healthcare providers throughout Southwest Washington;

-Strengthen partnerships between healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies and community organizations to bring the most compassionate and effective care that safeguards and heals our communities;

-Fight for resources to support Southwest Washington’s community courts that provide individualized justice, focus on family and community-based solutions, and promote fairness while still holding people accountable for their actions. 


Securing America’s energy independence is not only good for Southwest Washingtonians’ pocketbooks, it creates a competitive advantage for our country in the global marketplace. Unfortunately, the far-left climate proposals of President Biden, Governor Inslee, and progressive liberals like Representative Perez are harming Southwest Washington businesses and making life in Washington unaffordable. As Washington’s next Congresswoman, Leslie will take the following steps to secure our energy supply and lower our energy costs:

-Fight for all-of-the-above energy policies to meet the energy needs of today, while preparing for the future in an environmentally responsible way;

-Protect Washington’s valuable renewable energy hydroelectric dams while continuing to support efforts to boost salmon runs;

-Support ending ineffective regulations that unnecessarily increase the cost of energy while doing little to improve air quality or reduce pollution;

-Rein in agenda-driven “energy efficiency” mandates that override consumer preferences for products, goods and services they want and can afford. In a free market economy, Leslie believes the government should prioritize securing America’s energy independence, not pick winners or losers in order to meet its agenda-driven results.

Columbia River Crossings

The bridges of Washington’s Third Congressional District are critical to both the infrastructure and economy of Southwest Washington. In addition to the I-5 bridge project, discussion surrounding a third bridge across the Columbia River has been met with intense debate within the community. As a member of the Regional Transportation Board, Leslie has had a front-row seat to these important conversations. As Southwest Washington continues to grow, these crossings will be critical to keep everyone moving. From commuters to freight, we must provide beneficial routes. Leslie is committed to continuing this important conversation until there is a plan that works for everyone by working to:

-Encourage more byways in and out of our state – with thousands of commuters and local economies depending on shipments coming across the Columbia, and it’s essential to simplify travel conditions and provide avenues for quicker trips;

-Fight against adding toll roads because those inflated costs only hurt our workers.


Washington alone provides almost 25% of all log and lumber products in the United States.  The logging and forest product industry provides over 70,000 well-paying jobs and generates approximately $36 billion annually in our state.  As a fifth-generation Washingtonian, Leslie has always loved the easy access to nature that Washington affords, agrees that our forests are a critical part of the environment and must be preserved, and believes there are benefits to logging that must be protected. Leslie supports how the logging industry provides jobs, produces timber, and diminishes forest fire risk.  As your Congresswoman, Leslie will work to:

-Promote sustainable forestry practices that protect valuable ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and biodiversity while at the same time reducing wildfire risks;

-Protect and expand the number of well-paying logging and forestry product jobs throughout Southwest Washington.


If there was anything good that came from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was that it opened our eyes that the systematic infringement of our Constitutional liberties and freedoms are only one crisis away. As a mother, Leslie watched her children suffer from the pandemic in their own ways – she calls them “COVID casualties.” Watching our kids be used as pawns and suffer at the hands of our government was enough to get Leslie into this race. She firmly believes that a vital education can change the trajectory of anyone’s life, and when she gets to Congress, she will work to achieve the following goals:

-Amplify the authority of parents’ voices and choices in our schools;

-Increase parents’ transparency pertaining to the health and wellness of students;

-Ensure all schools have the funding to support Student Resource Officers to ensure all Southwest Washington kids have access to a safe and secure education.


-America is great because of patriots who serve our country in the military, and Leslie will fight every day for the resources and benefits our veterans earned and deserve;

-As your Congresswoman, Leslie will advocate for continued investments in programs and initiatives that provide housing and support to homeless veterans, working hand-in-hand with fellow patriots to ensure that VA benefits are fully funded and veterans have access to the programs and assistance they deserve.

A personal statement from Leslie

As a mother to four beautiful children, I am pro-life and believe we should do everything we can to protect all human life. I believe there should be exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, and incest. Having almost died in childbirth, my heart goes out to the many families who have had their own experiences that shape their views on this issue. It is not my objective to change current Washington State law, which permits non-elective abortions until fetal viability. What we need to change now are the many cases of abortion occurring in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th months, outside the confines of the law. Many sources indicate estimates of 15-20,000 cases occurring in the third trimester, with a majority being elective. I just can’t imagine the difference between a baby in the NICU and a baby in the womb. This is not acceptable and ending these late term abortions is a priority for me.

PO Box 979, Camas, WA 98607