A robust economy is at the heart of every thriving community. Leslie is committed to revitalizing our economy to ensure Southwest Washington is at the top of its game. Her experience as a Camas City Councilor underscores her support for fostering a business-friendly environment that assists local businesses, attracts new investments, and creates job opportunities for residents. Leslie will fight for policies that reduce burdensome regulations for aspiring entrepreneurs. By investing in infrastructure and workforce development programs, we can lay the foundation for a prosperous Southwest Washington.


Tackling crime is an urgent need in our community. We all want our families to feel safe on the streets and in their own homes. As a former King County Prosecutor, Leslie has firsthand experience in this area. She will advocate for increased support for law enforcement agencies, giving them the necessary resources to protect our neighborhoods. Additionally, Leslie will work to strengthen community-police partnerships, implement effective crime prevention programs, and support initiatives that get to the root causes of criminal behavior. With Leslie in Congress, Southwest Washington will have an advocate fighting to improve safety.


Everyone deserves access to safe and stable housing, but homelessness is a complex issue that requires comprehensive solutions. Drawing on her compassion and experience on the Camas City Council, Leslie will work tirelessly to address this crisis in Southwest Washington. Her plan is to advocate for more federal funding for affordable housing programs, support services, and mental health resources. Additionally, she will work to bridge the gap between government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community stakeholders. This allows diverse groups to work together to develop innovative strategies that provide long-term solutions.

Mental Health & Drug Addiction

Addiction is a disease that is plaguing our communities. We can’t punish these individuals; we must provide treatment and support. Leslie will fight for increased access to evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs, mental health services, and support systems. She will work to strengthen partnerships between healthcare providers, law enforcement, and community organizations to ensure a coordinated and compassionate approach to addressing addiction and mental health challenges.

Dams & Salmon

Salmon are an integral part of the Pacific Northwest culture and their importance to our ecosystem can’t be overstated. Preserving the salmon population is critical. However, studies have proven that salmon and dams can and do coexist. Our dams provide much-needed power to residents far beyond our immediate area, and we can’t lose such an abundant source of clean energy. Leslie supports cooperation among competing interest groups to coordinate a path forward that rejects radical plans and embraces both of these important aspects of our community.

Third Crossing Columbia River

Discussion surrounding a third bridge across the Columbia River is met with intense debate within the community. As a member of the Regional Transportation Board, Leslie has a front-row seat to these important conversations. Numerous ideas have been proposed over the last 50 years, but we must look forward. As Southwest Washington continues to grow, these crossings will be critical to keep everyone moving. From commuters to freight, we must provide beneficial routes. Leslie is committed to continuing this important conversation until we devise a plan that works for everyone.

Sustainable Forest and Watershed Management

Logging in the Third Congressional District is a hot-button issue that has even made its way to the Washington Supreme Court. The Department of Natural Resources manages about 2 million acres of forests, and many environmentalists have challenged the department’s choices. Leslie agrees that our forests are a critical part of the environment and must be preserved, but believes there are benefits to logging that must be considered. Leslie supports the way the logging industry provides jobs, produces timber, and diminishes the risk of forest fire.

A personal statement from Leslie

As a mother to four beautiful children, I am pro-life and believe we should do everything we can to protect all human life. I believe there should be exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, and incest. Having almost died in childbirth, my heart goes out to the many families who have had their own experiences that shape their views on this issue. It is not my objective to change current Washington State law, which permits non-elective abortions until fetal viability. What we need to change now are the many cases of abortion occurring in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th months, outside the confines of the law. Many sources indicate estimates of 15-20,000 cases occurring in the third trimester, with a majority being elective. I just can’t imagine the difference between a baby in the NICU and a baby in the womb. This is not acceptable and ending these late term abortions is a priority for me.

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