Learn about Leslie

Leslie Lewallen is driven by her belief that Southwest Washington deserves better representation. With a strong focus on transparent, accountable, and effective leadership, Leslie wants to ensure that every voice is heard and taken into account.

As your representative, Leslie pledges to demonstrate a better way of listening, leading, and delivering positive impacts for all of Southwest Washington. Holding both herself and THAT Washington accountable, she is committed to addressing the needs and concerns that affect the lives of every individual in OUR Washington.

As a mom of four, Leslie experiences firsthand the challenges families face. She is deeply aware of the stress and concerns parents have regarding education. From the declining quality of our schools and worries about what our children are taught — plus safety issues like gun violence, bullying, and illegal drugs — Leslie believes that Southwest Washington parents and students deserve better.

As a former King County Prosecutor, Leslie has experience delivering justice to crime victims and their families. She understands concerns about crime in our communities and the need for strong law enforcement. With rising crime rates, police officer shortages, and restrictions limiting law enforcement efforts, Southwest Washington citizens and businesses deserve better.

As a sitting Camas City Councilor, Leslie works tirelessly to balance the needs of the city with the desires of its citizens. Recognizing the frustration around rising taxes, out-of-control spending, and a lack of tangible benefits, she advocates for a cost-effective budget that respects taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Leslie is determined to find creative solutions to reduce unnecessary spending and alleviate the burden on residents.

Drawing on her experience as a small business entrepreneur, Leslie emphasizes the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving shared success. She recognizes the need to bridge divisions in our society, focusing on the common values that connect us. Leslie strongly believes that we must address pressing issues — homelessness, drug addiction, mental health challenges, and the lack of affordable housing — ensuring that no one is left behind in Southwest Washington.

Leslie’s campaign is fueled by hope for a better future. She firmly believes that by working together for a common purpose, Southwest Washington can overcome its challenges and achieve extraordinary outcomes. We invite you to join her campaign, volunteer, donate, and spread the message of positive change. Together, we can create a better tomorrow for Southwest Washington.

PO Box 979, Camas, WA 98607