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CAMAS, WA – The Lewallen for Congress campaign released a statement today praising the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision that ruled Colorado lacked the authority to remove the former President from their state’s primary ballot.

Leslie Lewallen, a Camas City Council Member, former state judicial law clerk and candidate for WA-03, gave the following statement regarding this decision:

“The decision by Colorado’s Supreme Court, declaring the former President ineligible to run, was nothing more than blatant judicial activism. In that ruling, four activist justices twisted the Fourteenth Amendment into a pretzel to use as a pretext to remove a political opponent from the ballot. Today’s unanimous opinion by the United States Supreme Court is a huge win for the rule of law. It sends a unified message that Congress, not states, is responsible for enforcing Section 3 ‘against federal officeholders and candidates.’ I am running to give a voice to the people of Southwest Washington who feel their voice has been ignored; and ANYTHING that silences voters is something I am against. Today’s ruling is a victory for Americans, and the message is clear: let the people vote!”

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