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CAMAS, WA – The Lewallen for Congress campaign today announced that Leslie has endorsed Donald Trump in the Republican Presidential primary. 

Leslie Lewallen, a Camas City Council Member and candidate for WA-03 gave the following statement regarding her endorsement of Donald Trump: 

“I truly believe that primaries are a crucial component of our electoral system, and to curtail that process only serves to disenfranchise the voters. I commend President Trump for requesting the RNC to allow the process to play out, and giving the people the right to decide who will represent them. That is a model that every state party should take note of and implement within their own elections. With President Trump winning all of the early contests, it is clear he is the nominee of our party. For the sake of our country, it is time for Republicans to consolidate and focus our efforts on defeating President Biden in November!” 

Leslie is a strong supporter of the primary process, believing they are good for the party and help forge stronger candidates, better policies and better outcomes for our country. In January, shortly after the New Hampshire primary, the Republican National Committee (RNC) wanted to officially name President Trump their presumptive nominee. At that time, Trump declined their offer, explaining on Truth Social that for the sake of the party the RNC should not follow through with their plan, but instead allow the primary process to play out and make him earn the nomination “the old fashioned” way. One month later, President Trump has done what no other non-incumbent has done in modern political history: decisively win all four early nominating contests.

At this point, the voters have had the opportunity to make their voices heard, and there is no longer a clear path to the nomination for any other candidates. It is time to unite as a party, and rally around the Presidential candidate who will get this country back on track after four disastrous years under Joe Biden’s leadership. 

President Biden’s approval ratings sit only one point higher than Jimmy Carter’s at this same point in his Presidency; and nine months later Carter lost his reelection to President Reagan. Under President Biden’s leadership, Americans have experienced chaos at the border with 7.2 million immigrants crossing illegally into this country. That is more than the populations of 36 states! Additionally, in 2022, #Bidenomics contributed to the worst inflation in a generation; with the lingering effects in the form of high prices still crushing American families. Finally, despite bragging on the campaign trail about his years of foreign policy experience, President Biden has proven himself an ineffective leader on the world stage which has only emboldened our enemies and led to destabilization in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. America cannot afford four more years of chaos. Therefore, it is time for Republicans to unite and ensure that in January of 2025 there is a new leader in the White House! 

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