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CAMAS, WA – In case you missed it, Leslie Lewallen was ranked one of the top contenders for Congress in the 2024 election. Surrounded by a strong crowd of other candidates, it’s clear Lewallen is making waves in her contest for Congress.

The race for WA-03 has already been listed as a top one to watch and Representative Gluesenkamp Perez as a candidate in trouble, but Lewallen is the candidate to watch. Marie Glusenkamp Perez has been working to bring Portland’s progressive policies to Southwest Washington, but not even people in Portland want to live in Portland. With 88% of Americans expressing discontent with the direction the country is going, it’s obviously time for a change.

Portland progressive Perez is exactly what’s wrong with D.C. politicians – they preach one thing on the campaign trail and do the complete opposite when they get to Congress,” said Leslie Lewallen in a statement. “I will always vote on behalf of the people of Southwest Washington. I am proud to be a fifth generation Washingtonian, something my opponents cannot say, and I deeply understand the needs of our community. MGP is the status quo and she needs to go.

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