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CAMAS, WA – In case you missed it, Leslie Lewallen talked about the national importance of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District election with Brandi Kruse on her podcast unDivided.

Watch Leslie’s interview here:

There are a limited number of competitive Congressional seats nationally and WA-03 is within the top three potential Republican pickups. Leslie Lewallen, 5th Generation Washingtonian, former Prosecutor and Camas City Council Member is the candidate who best represents Southwest Washington and can defeat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. Perez was able to take this seat from Republicans in 2022 when Joe Kent slipped into the general election despite all the other Republicans on the primary ballot getting twice as many votes as he did. In addition, in the last thirty years there has not been a single rematch for federal or statewide office in Washington State that has ever produced a flipped outcome. As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Southwest Washington is home to a diverse set of voters who want an alternative and that’s evidenced by the impressive coalition of supporters Lewallen has gathered as she campaigns across the district. It is time for new leadership that actually reflects the needs of Southwest Washingtonians and Lewallen is poised to be that leader.

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