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CAMAS, WA – Today, Heidi St. John, founder of Faith That Speaks, public speaker, author, and podcast host endorsed Leslie Lewallen for WA-03. This announcement is a clear indication that local leaders are unifying around Lewallen as the candidate that will win.

“I have spent most of my adult life in SW Washington, and as almost everyone who has been here as long as I have can attest, things have changed-but generally, not for the better. The Washington I raised my children in bears little resemblance to the Washington my grandchildren are growing up in. Like you, I have witnessed a massive cultural shift in values in both our state and our nation. We have strayed far from the principles of faith, family, and freedom that made our nation the most prosperous nation on earth.

We were once a nation that leaned on the words “In God We Trust.” Not anymore. The Democrats took prayer out of classrooms, courtrooms, and corporate spaces. Let me ask you: how’s that working out?

I was raised in a community where my parents were the decision makers until I turned 18. Parental authority was only questioned in cases of abuse or neglect. Not anymore. Now, parents who question the perverse material being pushed on kids via our schools are labeled “domestic terrorists” and routinely shut out of the classroom. I started my business in part because I saw thousands of moms like me who are struggling to protect their families from this rising woke culture that we know in our bones is poisonous.

As a mom of four, Leslie Lewallen shares my concern for our families. Fentanyl streams in from our southern border killing our children by the thousands each year. As a former prosecutor, Leslie knows the danger of the Biden administration’s failure to secure our border. Border security should be a no-brainer. A non-partisan issue. But sadly, it’s not. MGP voted against securing the border, now fentanyl overdoses are the leading cause of death in people ages 10-19 years old.

This cannot stand. We need new leadership to represent SW Washington in Congress. Like me, Leslie wants to return the people to the driver’s seat and see the size and scope of an ever-intrusive government shrink. The result of limited government? More freedom for the people. Leslie is a limited government advocate and understands government solutions are not the answer.

It’s time we get our country back on track.

Leslie Lewallen is a lifelong Washingtonian who has experience in leadership in SW Washington. That matters. Like me, she knows there is no better fighter for our children than their parents. She saw how these policies were hurting her kids and refused to stay on the sidelines. We need people in Congress like Leslie who understand our problems are rooted in a rotting culture and are willing to take the necessary action to right our ship before it sinks.

Leslie is the right candidate for this race and I’m honored to endorse her as she works to bring common sense and limited government back to Congress.”

Heidi St. John and her husband Jay reside in Battle Ground, Washington and have seven children together and soon to be five grandchildren. St. John has homeschooled all her children. She is the co-founder of the Vancouver-based Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center. Heidi conducts a weekly nationwide Bible study that connects women across the country. She also has written nine books and speaks to audiences around the nation on issues related to faith and culture. Heidi’s work as the founder of the women’s organization Faith That Speaks can be found here. Her books can be found everywhere books are available.

Leslie Lewallen issued a response to the endorsement:

“Heidi St. John is a fierce advocate for her children and for women all over the nation. Her trailblazing leadership in our community is an essential voice of reason amidst thundering chaos. I am honored to have her support in this campaign”

The Lewallen campaign continues to receive endorsements from a dynamic group of supporters from every walk of life and background- demonstrating, yet again, that Leslie is the best candidate to represent the diverse voters of Southwest Washington. While Marie Gluesenkamp Perez actively votes against the interests of WA-03 constituents, Leslie Lewallen will fight to show voters that there is a better path forward.

To learn more about Leslie, click here.