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CAMAS, WA – Last week, Washington state Democrats authored a bill that demands “person first” language when referring to violent sex offenders. Liberal lawmakers in the state have reported that this bill is one of their top priorities for the year, and it perfectly encapsulates all that’s wrong with the Democrat party: soft-on-crime policies that amplify the rights of the criminal over the victim coupled with political theater intended to distract voters from the real issues facing the Evergreen State.

Democrats are notorious for taking soft-on-crime stances and endangering the lives of everyday citizens. From allowing an open border to supply opioids to American neighborhoods, to reducing sentences for criminals dealing and possessing drugs in the midst of an opioid overdose crisis, Democrats seem to want Americans to suffer.

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez has been at the forefront of damaging policies. She voted not to secure the border and was quoted saying that “nobody stays awake at night” thinking about the drug abuse epidemic sweeping the state. Perez is clearly out of touch with the needs of Washingtonians since drug overdose fatalities increased 500% in Clark County alone.

This is precisely why I am in the race for WA-03: Washington Democrats have lost sight of the goal,” said Leslie Lewallen, in a statement. “Guided by Portland Progressive Perez who wants nothing more than to be accepted into ‘The Squad’, Democrats in the Evergreen State are allowing their out-of-touch political goals to guide their policymaking and Washingtonians bear the brunt of their gamesmanship. This bill would effectively undermine the atrocities committed against survivors of sexual assault and give perpetrators the ability to endanger more innocent lives. It’s time to put an end to Perez and Washington Democrats’ sidestepping of the real issues and bring solutions to WA-03!

Just as concerning is the fact that Democrats believe changing the label of sex offenders should be their top priority. Instead of addressing the homeless crisis, opioid deaths, failing education system, rising crime, or affordability in the state, they want to make criminals feel better about their crimes. Lewallen will bring sanity to Congress and set an example for Washington state lawmakers to follow. 

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