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CAMAS, WA – In case you missed it, Leslie Lewallen’s campaign for WA-03 was highlighted in a Seattle Times article that proves she is the only alternative to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez for commonsense voters. 

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez won last year’s election after running as a moderate, but as soon as she got into office, she shed her moderate guise. Perez has proven that she is anti-small business, anti-parental choice in schools and pro-open borders. These are not Southwest Washington values, rather policies that align with the progressive left’s agenda to increase taxes and strip rights away from voters. 

“…I need to fight to beat Marie Perez. She won the last election and she shouldn’t have done it. She should not be in office, and if we lose this seat again, we could lose this seat forever,” said Lewallen at a recent fundraiser in Bellevue. 

The article emphasized Lewallen’s kickoff event in Downtown Camas and her commitment to stopping the smuggling of illicit drugs, advocating for parent’s voices in schools and lower costs for everyday necessities. 

During her time on the Camas City Council, Leslie Lewallen has proven that she is a pragmatic problem solver who knows how to stand up for the interests of her community. She will continue to meet with voters and garner support from a wide range of local voices to send Progressive Perez back to Portland. 

Read the full article here.