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Leslie Lewallen Statement on National Civics Day

CAMAS, WA – October 27th is National Civics Day. A time to commemorate the first Federalist Papers being published and encourage civic discussions and engagement in schools. As a staunch defender of the constitution and an advocate for parent’s voices in schools to enhance children’s education, Leslie Lewallen offered a statement: 

National Civics Day should remind us what we’re fighting for. I have always believed in the power of a good education. Any person, anywhere can change their own life if they are given access to a strong foundational education, unfortunately, that’s not what our kids are receiving right now and it’s why I got into this race for Congress. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching test scores drop and students flee the public school system. This means less resources for vulnerable communities of children who need those resources most. It is time to unite parents and teachers, unions and school boards and fight for the one thing all those factions have in common: the good of our kids. Happy Nation Civics Day, let’s continue to advocate for the best education for the future of this generation.

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