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CAMAS, WA – Democrats have gone soft-on-crime and criminals are taking note. From businesses being forced out of the state because of crime, to Washington state ranking first in retail theft, Washingtonians have felt the effects of the rise in crime. According to Clark County Sheriff, John Horch, juvenile crime is quickly becoming the most pressing crisis for local law enforcement.

Two years ago, a new law was enacted that has significantly hampered the ability of law enforcement to do their jobs. Due to the increased bureaucratic barriers, juveniles are participating in illicit activities and experiencing no consequences.

Democrats notoriously take the wrong side when legislating on crime, and they have created another law that advocates for criminals. The Democrats’ approach has been characterized by misguided policies that prioritize ideology over public safety. From lax enforcement to a lack of support for law enforcement, their record has left communities vulnerable.

Leslie Lewallen, candidate for WA-03 and current Camas City Council Member, weighed in on the report from the sheriff:

As a former prosecuting attorney and a staunch advocate for law and order, reports like this trouble me. We should be increasing the safety of Washingtonians, not making it easier for criminals to terrorize our neighborhoods. When I get to Congress, I will champion measures that uplift law enforcement officers and provide more resources to them so that they can do their jobs and keep our communities safe. MGP and Democrats have proven they don’t care to look out for us, so I will ensure that safety is a top priority.

Leslie Lewallen’s experience as an attorney and on the Camas City Council uniquely qualifies her to create policies that best serve Southwest Washington. While Democrats seek to dismantle public safety, Lewallen will always fight for the safety and security of Washington state.

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