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Iranians Found at Border After Marie Gluesenkamp Perez Voted for Open Borders and Less Safety

CAMAS, WA – A new Fox News report found two Iranians at our border, creating more questions about American border security. In May, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez voted against securing our border when she voted “no” with Democrats on the Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023. This was a measure that would have shored up the border, provided resources to border communities and increased the safety of our country. 

Now, Fox News reports that there have been two instances of Iranians caught at the border who have raised red flags from the terrorist screening database. Thousands of unchecked immigrants are flooding into the U.S. daily and Americans can do nothing, but sit back and watch thanks to policies from Democrats like Marie Gluesenkamp Perez. 

“We have no idea who is in our country and who is coming across our border. The situation in the Middle East only highlights the need to get it under control. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez voted against Southwest Washington in May and she’ll keep doing it because she is out of touch with our community,” said Lewallen in a statement. “This gross and blatant disregard for Americans’ safety is exactly why I’m in this race. Democrats think our country should have open borders, but we know that those policies have dangerous consequences. For the safety of our country, we must vote Perez out.”

Leslie Lewallen will always vote for the safety and security of Americans. Unlike Marie Gluesenkamp Perez who continuously votes against Washington State, Leslie will always fight for Southwest Washingtonians.

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