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CAMAS, WA – Yesterday and today commemorate the Day of the Dead, a holiday that memorializes loved ones that have passed and remembers the good times shared among family and friends. In the spirit of memorializing things that have passed on, Washingtonians are reminded of the abysmal light rail project that Democrats attempt to revive almost every year. 

Not only would the project cost millions of dollars that could be used to fund more vital programs in the state, but it has also been dubbed a safety hazard because of the increase of crime and homicide in Portland. Voters have rejected the measure a total of three times, yet somehow, its corpse always seems to rise from the ashes. Some proponents of the measure say that Washingtonians have never explicitly voted yes-or-no on the proposal. The truth is that voters have rejected approving a tax increase to pay for light rail, and that’s as clear as they can get. 

Beyond the tax hike to build an unsafe crossing The University of Washington assessed transportation systems in Washington State and their results showed that trace amounts of fentanyl and methamphetamine were detected on public transit vehicles. These findings are yet another reason why there should not be a direct route for crime and illicit drugs to be ferried from Portland to Washington State.

Leslie Lewallen, Camas City Council Member and Regional Transportation Board Member for Camas and Washougal, has voted against the measure while in office because she knows that voters have rejected it already. 

It’s unclear why politicians continually try to revive the light rail project. Voters have made their voices heard on the issue and that they don’t want the troubles of Portland to be bussed to their doorstep,” said Lewallen in a statement. “I will continue to reject the light rail project because I believe in advocating for the wants of voters and we do not want higher taxes, less safety and more drugs on our streets. Let’s keep Portland out of Washington State.” 

Happy Day of the Dead to all who celebrate, just not the light rail project. 

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